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Simmer/student, 26 years old, from Estonia. An avid Sims 2 player since 2004.
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Tried building row houses. Is it just my game or do the neighborhood houses really look that crappy in the Sims 2?

  1. miss-amaretto answered: My lots on the side look that bad too. D: I think they are just supposed to be “filler” and not be resource hogging. Cute building you made!
  2. arin-loves-to-sim answered: I guess they were supposed to be “background” objects.
  3. hinaplays answered: Still looks good though Kalisa C:
  4. vimpse answered: It’s not just you :( Wish there was something we could do about it. :<
  5. thorarosebird answered: whenever i do rowhouses i do apartments so the houses either side look nice :P
  6. simla-simblr answered: they ALWAYS look like that, it’s pretty goddamn awful
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