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Simmer/student, 26 years old, from Estonia. An avid Sims 2 player since 2004.
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A sim child overheats. I save the game, planning to leave the house without saving in case the social worker comes to take the child away. The social worker comes. I save the game.

Gordon King sure knows what to steal.

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After you receive this you have to share five random facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favorite followers. :D
kalisasims kalisasims Said:

Took me long enough but here they are:

1) I have a henna tattoo on my left hand at the moment. Got it last Saturday :P

2) My toothbrush is black and has deer on it.

3) I have glasses but I don’t wear them most of the time.

4) I like hibiscus plants and water lilies.

5) It was my dear granny’s 70th birthday two days ago.

Thank you, voleste! <3



I haven’t bothered to blog all of the newest “NO” features that we found out about from Creator’s Camp like the no dishwashers, self portraits, limited careers etc. because the list is endless.  But the latest bit of “no” news is really striking a nerve among the family/legacy players and deserves a mention I think.

"I’ll answer this for you since it has been answered at todays presentation at Gamescom: The answer is: There are relationships but no family tree." —Crinrict

I’m truly sorry for those Simmers who decided this was the last straw for them; I understand where you’re coming from.  And for those who don’t care and are still excited for The Sims 4; I understand that too and I’m happy for you — no hate mail required.


Honeywell Sims 4 News | Gamescom 2014

What? O_O No. Family. Tree.

Grilled Cheese restaurant for miss Una. Hopefully she’ll be able to afford it once she gets married (I could also sell some of her pretty furniture).

Also, I’m not sure if that restaurant podium can be used like that, it’s just there until I download the invisible one.

Oh, yeah, I’m sure that’s how it is but there has been several new pregnancies in different families but it’s still the default 3-day pregnancy. Maybe the mod conflicts with ACR? Hmm…

Hi! Does anyone know how these pregnancy mods work? I tried to edit one that I downloaded (to make pregnancy last 36 hours instead of 3 days) but nothing has changed? Any ideas?

I’m kind of starting to like the sims from TS4. This can’t be good.


The Morning in the Magical Forest.

Too beautiful for words.

Nice try, Internet Explorer. No, I’m not interested in TS4 news. Now stop messing with my Sims 2 Launcher!

(Is there a way to stop this? I still can launch my game but it’s kind of annoying.)